Sunday, June 15, 2008

Failed miserably...but

Well, I failed miserably after I came out of that courtroom. I think it's all the various issues happening around here. I just got tired and stressed out and my mouth let out all kinds of nasty evil-wishes against creepy neighbor, cops, etc. Plus I totally went into whining mode and blaming and speaking the pathological truth rather than God's Biblical truth. Oh, my friends, you would not have wanted to be around me.

But the Bible tells us we will not be greatly shaken. And it tells us we go from glory to glory. So, hopefully, in all my horrible behavior and horrible speaking two days ago, I wasn't as bad as I used to be. And will not be so bad in the future. Hopefully, I am growing in Christ and allowing his mind to take me over more and more. I'd so hate to think that I still hadn't grown a bit and that the devil can always rely on me to behave in the same predictable old Carole ways. -C
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