Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wondering Times Two Part I

On Saturday at a fiesta given by our iglesia (church) for the cumpleanos (birthday) of a little boy. (Couldn't go to the Jamaican church that day cause the birthday party started early then church was after that.) I sat outside under a large pine and at one point when everyone was inside I stayed outside to talk to a teenaged girl sitting across from me. After sometime I felt in my spirit that I should be talking to her and that the "real" reason for me sitting there would come up sooner or later, and that God would lead her to bring up the "real" topic on her heart. So later of course she did, suddenly out of the blue telling me that her dad was Catholic and her mom was pentecostal and she was confused.

Okay, a part of me thought: "Oh please, this isn't God at all. This kinda thing always happens to you. Teenagers like you. People are always coming out of the blue to tell you their soul's sorrow. It's your face, woman!" But then I thought..."uhm...maybe God did make me stay out here so she could talk to me and maybe I did sense in my spirit that she needed to talk."

Now this is what I'm wondering about. I kept thinking I didn't want to side with her mother although I totally believe penteocostalism is the way to go. I just think the Catholic church places so much power into the hands of the clergy when Christianity wishes that all God's people will heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, preach the gospel. Plus the treatment of women in that denomination and its history of persecution of the Jews. But I know some very devout Catholics. They never open their Bibles, though. And they pray to the saints more than they pray to God. So yeah, I had issues. So what did I say? I said, "Don't be confused. Find the similarities in what both your parents believe and believe that. And in the long run it's not denominations that get a person saved, it's having a right relationship with God your Father and knowing that Jesus saved you from your sin because no one is perfect enough for God." Since Sunday I have been totally flaking out wondering if I wimped out? Despite all my arguments with folks on the web I am a total wimp in real life and unless someone is a Mormon or someone says something totally weird about Jesus, I tend to try to be peaceful and bring peace. So....did I do right? Or did I lose the opportunity to preach the gospel to this kid?
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