Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Emily Dotson

This is why I don't get any reading of fiction done. I am totally reading all these books on healing. I've collected about a zillion of them over the past 20 years and yes, I am finally growing in faith. (So, it took a long time...no one is perfect.)

This has been my life for the past 18 years (20 years if you add the two years of my illness without younger son's illness) :

No sleep. At the most four hours. At the least, none. Usually about two or three hours a night. Then staying up sleepless. Sometimes there'd be times when I would go two weeks without sleep and then suddenly crash and sleep one good night then back to the old cycle. Then pain comes into the mix because the body can't restore itself at night.

Then add to the mix a son who is non-verbal and who is always in pain. ALWAYS. Crying every moment of his life for 18 years and he can't tell you what it is because he can't talk.

Add to the mix...money issues brought on by me not being able to work and medical bills.

Add to the mix know-it-all Christians who behave as if they know everything going on in one's life and say stupid things like, "you're too touchy." As if...if they were sleepless for 20 years straight with money problems and a sick child that just wounds at the spirit just to look how the sickness has destroyed his life...they would be so much better. I think that's my biggest issue with some Christians: they behave as if you aren't behaving properly for a sick person. They go about thinking that if they were in your shoe they would handle your life oh so much better. Their house would be neat. They would've gotten healed by now. And there you are struggling and then they mess things up with their proper behavior issues and cause you to dump into forgiveness. Honestly, for all my extreme chattiness...in non-webe life I am the most forbearing person in the world. I simply do not say anything that might be construed as rude. But so many Christians seem to feel this need to exhort and to tell you what to do...as if they are the first person to ever tell you that, or as if they are privy to God's view on your life. Very annoying.

Anyway, I am sitting around now. Drinking my water, trusting God, praying, fasting. I have soooo many healing tapes by folks I trust: Lester Sumrall, Craig Marsh, Andrew Wommack, Henry Lao, Canon Jim Glennon, Sid Roth, Doug Jones, and of course Emily Dotson.

I downloaded a lot of healing articles over at the elijah challenge and today I downloaded healing articles over at www.emilydotson.com

I love Emily! I have several of her tapes. She had a miraculous healing from lupus when she was in the last stages. I remember when my friend Jestine was in the last stages of lupus. If I had had some of this material....well!

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