Monday, February 16, 2009


Uhm, I've really got to get a pic of my white pit bull Hemo and my gray kitty Sheba. If I can manage to get them together. They have a very odd relationship. Love-fear. He chases her relentlessly. When he finds her he licks her all over and pins her to the ground. She sleeps in places he can't reach -- top of my computer monitor, inside the glass shelf, on the cable box.

BUT... in the mornings, he comes to our bed and she arrives -- all this is in the dark, mind you-- and she kneads and massages him!!!!! Is she bribing him? Who knows? They seem to like each other -- he gets very upset when she's outside throwing herself at the door in order to be let in, and she always looks out the window at him when he goes outside-- but I guess she knows how to live with a bully.
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