Monday, August 17, 2009

Dark Parable: University of St Alfred

I dreamed I attended a college called University of St Alfred. As I walked through its halls I began to wonder if I had researched it well enough. I ketp wondering about the flick Accepted, about some folks who created a college so stupid folks could be accepted. It was understaffed, underattended. I met another girl and the both of us became really worried about the standards of the school. We were hungry and we went to the dining hall. We saw a lone attendant, a black kid who couldn't quite speak well but when he saw us he tried so hard to be helpful. Like a clerk in a store who comes over to help that rare visiting customer. Someone in the shadows who might have been his boss was looking at him as if studying his work skills. He tried to tell us what there was to eat but the words weren't said right. Kinda garbled or no sounds came out. The way stuff happens in dreams. All I heard (or maybe I figured it out from the weirdly near-empty food showcases) was that for breakfast they had rice and they had eggs and grits. Neither of which I wanted. I walked with this friend through the college loooking about to re-assure myself that I hadn't done something stupid by going to that college. I saw a girl who looked really hip kinda goth. She was sitting in a room where some other student folks were lying in big colorful kid bubble suits on bean bags. I came to her and said, "I should've researched this college before I signed up. I worked in the accounting office of my college and maybe that's how I know the college's name but perhaps__" She interrupted me and said something like it was a good college. She knew it was good for her because she got some weird illness that women get when men put on their used condoms and women got it again. I'm thinking to myself, what a ditz! They can tell your STD and no one else could so they're a good college. I said to the girl I was with, "Let's go on the computer (I meant go to the internet) and research the rep of this school.

When I woke up I was very sad that I had attended this school, then I realized it was a dream and became very happy because I hadn't had a dream in a while. The first thing I thought was A) Go on the web and find out who St Alfred is. B) Is it possible that Univ of ST Alfred represents what I think of the present state of the church? C) Is it possible that I shouldn't judge the school yet since I didn't really attend any classes in the dream?

And that innocent little black kid trying so hard to do the right thing...and didn't realize what a bad university it is.

Went online and found a 1) stalfred which is a sneaker, tee-shirt company. Very hip.
2) Found a college in upstate NY called University of St Alfred.
3) Also looked up St Alfred. Found this: St. Alfred the Great on a Catholic saint site.
Feastday: October 26

King of Wessex, scholar, and renowned Christian monarch. Alfred was born in 849, the fifth son of the Wessex king. He was a great scholar, translating classics for his people. Instead, he became king and was forced to spend most of his reign in conflict with the Danes who were then threatening England. His work as a patron of the arts, literature, and especially the Church made him a beloved figure in England.

I really think this dream is important because I haven't had a dream in a while but I can't seem to understand.

Got this interpretation from Rose Marie on my dream group:
I think it's dead on.

-- In, penofthewayfarer wrote:
the dream could have different levels of meaning.

Are you concerned about low standards that are accepted and passed off as ok but wreak havoc with people? Or that unscrupulous people appear to protect you but are in fact INFECTING YOU WITH DISEASE. An allusion to the pharisees and the horror that Jesus railed against. only 100 times worse. What a visual picture. and the passivity of the woman who didnt get angry with this !

i think this is about the state of the church and your relationship to "her"
it could just be about your relationship to "the church" as you are involved
with her and not the whole universal church because i believe that God's true
church is not like that, she is beautiful!. but this is more what presents itself
as the church and is false or that which is the status quo. it may mean that
your ministry is outside the confines of the church, your mission field
is in the world. if st. alfreds is a sneaker company than it adds to the idea of
your call to evangelize in the world. "how beautiful are the feet of them
who bring good news" Alfred, who i had not heard of, was in the arts
as a christian, making a difference in society amongst both the common people
and keeping the Danes influence out of England. werent the vikings or barbarians from Denmark? If so, that might allude to keeping warring plunderers out of your neck of the woods. Spiritually, that is. which goes along with what you have been dreaming about Gabe and your family and the healing for him etc.

i had a similar important dream last year when i left the institutional church.
it was a wonderful dream that cast me out into the marketplace.

I think Rose-Marie got the dream down.

There are so many people out there who really need some help, some advice, some standards...and they don't know any. The teen girl who looked vaguely gothy, the little black kid (he looked so proud to be there with his work-study job at a great university) and the girl who was walking with me. Kinda overweight white girl. But she and I were searching for the truth. The others were so lost.
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