Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Renewing the mind

Okay, so here I am.... attempting (and somewhat succeeding) in controlling the daydreams in a positive way. It hasn't been as hard as I feared. I suspect because I repented of the worst kind of daydreams -- (Oh, there goes my crushes and wishing I was married to some rich rock star/philanthropist!) and am actually daydreaming about going around the world talking about my books. So yay!!! the mind is being used to a purpose. Once one really sees the wrongness of a thing and resolves not to do it, then God really can work.

My newest daydream is I'm in some inner city school in the US (or on a book tour in Japan) after my world-bestselling Young Adult novel My Life as an Onion has become a movie which is a super-movie....and I'm talking to them about it. I pretty much tell them what the Lord wants me to tell them that day. And who knows? When I get to heaven, I find out that my book has not only prevented quite a few suicides but has planted good little seeds into the mind of many people. So yeah, that's one fantasy I daydream about.

Also, when I get up I get the horrible temptation to fall into health fears and money worries....but then voila I remember that the Lord is my rock, my provider, my healer. So am controlling the mind in that way as well. We must be careful with father we hang out with. The father of lies, the father of fears, the father of doubts, the father of despair. Of the father of truth, love, and power.

Also am avoiding horror flicks. Yeah, I'm tempted. Cause I love horror movies. But God has told me that he doesn't want me watching the really fear-inducing ones. There'a a verse which says: "Woe to those who run to shed blood." Something like that. And although the real meaning is about trouble coming to those who commit murder, in my spirit I can't get away from the personal application that God doesn't want me -- me specifically, not saying anyone else-- running to view a slasher film.

Trying also not to dwell too much on what creepy folks have done to me. So, yeah.

In addition, am really focusing on imagining faithful things. The day when I pray for someone and they raise from the dead...that kinda thing. The day I pray for someone and their cancer immediately disappears.

Whatever things are pure, of good report, lovely, virtuous. You know what I mean.
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