Monday, September 20, 2010

Remembering God's saving power to me and ascribing to the Lord glory

This is part of a conversation chat Jessica and I had this morning. Figured I'd share. 

this morning God was so funny
Luke has a book called 3:16
and what the author does is take every instance of 3:16 in the Bible  (and where it would've been if the bible book was longer)
and preach the gospel through those verses
So there we were in Ephesians
and luke decides to get the book
and he's reding along and suddenly I say, "Ah, glory!"
Because I was thinking of the verse ascribe to the lord glory and strength. Sp apropos of nothing mind you..
I suddenly interrupt him to say "Ah glory"
And the next line in the book is "What is glory?"

we praised and gave glory and remembered all the things God had done in our lives
finally managed to do a great night ofpraise and ascribing
hadn't done it in a while

Don't know if I eve r told you about the time luke biked across the country and was in Kansas
with a flat tire  ..he bicycled across the country when he was 17...and he arrived at this little shop that had accidentally gotten
the wrong bicycle tube
and the guy had been meaning to return it for six months
but suddenly luke turns up and it was the perfect inner tube for that bicycle..a very rare one
 , and the guy had forgotten he had it or something...and there it was as if waiting for my soon-to-be boyfriend
then there was the time luke was walking kin the woods as a kid
and suddenly leaves spontaneously burst into flames before him. Then died down
Then we talked about the time God saved me from falling off the cliff

and the time God saved me from a knife on my bed and the time God saved me from fire
 God's intervention is amazing; I am so glad for that
 and the time God protected Gabe and Logan from accidents
Gabe used to get lost a lot
It was so good to remember
it gave me hope for the operation
Tomorrow this time i shall be either beng cut or recuperating
Then there was the time I was lying on my left side and talking to my sister or something
and I started getting ready to lie flat on my tummy
Then suddenly for no reason i stopped
yes, that one. Caren
And I was on my left side then turning to my stomahc and I suddenly stopped
And i thought that was weird..and when i looked down
a sharp steak knife
was perched at a 45 degree angle
the tip of the knife in my skin.just touching it
and if i had moved anymore
the knife would've pierced into me
I hadn't felt it resting on me but there it was

Then there was the time I was praying for something i dont know what
but i was praying to a voodoo saint
casuse i was dumb and my haitian friend was telling me
and each saint in the catholic hierarchy has a voodoo equivalent
so i put her pcitre on a table and a aluminum pan and a candle inside the aluminim pie can
and i .
no, maybe it was a list of the prayer request ounder the pie pan
anyway that night the entire table went up in flames
cause the wax from the candle flowed and burned through the pie pan
and we were sleeping in the bedroom
then our dog Resin woke us up
and when i went into the kitchen there was the entire flame leaping up from the kitchen talbe to the ceiling
so God saved us then
Then ther ewas the time I was on Bear Mountain
which is THE place folks from Brooklyn go to
and there we were with my mother and my sister and i were playing and dashign about anwhither which way
and I dashed nd dashed in a particular direction and then suddenly stopped
and the weirdness of taht sudden stopping well it was so weird
i was 13 or so but it felt so odd to me
And so after I asked myself why i had stopped for no good reason
i continued walking in the direction where i'd been running
and two stopfootsteps later
there was a sheer drop over a cliff
God had saved me
And then there was the time when my mother and her friends were taking their babies to get vaccines
But something always stopped my mother
So her friend got annoyed and decided to go without my mother
And her friend's daughter died. I lived. Turned out the vaccine had something wrong with it
So yes, i was protected so often
  see, this is the reason we Christians know about God's faithfulness

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