Friday, March 25, 2011

Seemingly tiny spiritual stronghold, major healing obstacle

Ooh, new insight into a strange little stronghold we Christians have. When we ask God to heal us we ask him to heal a specific area. We here people say, "a touch, Lord" as if when God heals someone He picks and chooses from among the person's illness which he will heal at that time. This of course leads us to only receiving healing in that area.

It leads us to limiting God and not ascribing to him glory and strength. We start thinking, "But can God do it all?" And yet, if we think about it... God's normality is to do it all. This is the God who uses the words "all" "any" and "every" very easily. His arm is not straitened that it cannot save. This is the God who adds, "And because it is a small thing, I will also...."

But what typically happens in healing services is that we see God as going about with a healing finger or hand and touching someone's knee or neck or lower disc or tooth. We don't see him as one whose healing purpose and power is so good that he makes someone every whit whole. We say to ourselves, "Such and such is wrong with me. This too, this as well. I will ask God to heal this, or this, or that. I will ask God to heal the worst of my problems." It's as if we think the power is meted out. As if God can only give a little of health here and there when it's really A) the church's tradition that has trained us to think this was and B) our limiting God.

It seems to me that when we encounter God's power, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead should be able to to transform and heal our mortal bodies. ALL of it. That's what St Paul said, anyway. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord raises a standard against him.

Strange that the God we have, who healed everyone of the Israelites on the Passover and there was no illness upon them, who caused their feet to not grow old on their feet for 40 years, who made his people rich when they left Egypt, who would not allow Pharoah to whittle away and wheedle down the full deliverance of all his people and their lands and the God we ask for a small touch.

So someone who has tooth issues and foot issues and depression and weight issues and a combination of illnesses should not be questioning if God is able to heal ALL. When the power of God comes in at us, all our being should be opened to Him. Like light coming into a dark room, God's light should touch every part of our souls, spirit, minds, flesh. And the power of God's light is so powerful it should transform us entirely...not just the parts of our bodies we are begging Him to do. Just my 0.02 and yet, to me it's worth a million dollars because it makes me reframe the idea of God's healing power. It's not a finger-pointing, fine-tuning of healing power but a gusher and a tsunami of His love. When we reframe, we can see ourselves being entirely healed as we're overwhelmed with his loving power.

The devil's deceptions are subtle and have been around for ages in many ways. And this is one of the most powerful, most subtle of these pseudo-spiritualities.

Should children come to their heavenly loving Father thinking he will only give them the necessary little food?
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