Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dark Parable: waking and waking and waking

I dreamed I was sleeping and there were East Indian demons trying to get at me. I struggled to get out of the dream and thought I woke up. But I woke inside another dream. Tried to get out of that one and realized there were layers of dreams and had to get out and be truly awake. Then the Lord showed me His light shining through and that where His light was the dreaming would stop. I realized that if I thought and spoke God's word about light that God's light would push the false dreaming that the east indian gods had put on me.

I realized that I should pray that God's light would pierce the darkness and to speak verses about God's light so my brain and my family's brain wouldn't be affected by the demons and so we could dream the dreams God wanted to give us.

I didn't know if it was something in my house that had opened the house to east indian gods. This is the third dream I've had about east indians and Christianity.

I woke up and fell asleep and dreamed again. This time I was cooking in an oven and messed up the oven so that it could only give me two channels. It wasn't my oven so I told the man I'd pay for the damage. There was also something about a school trip/experiment. When I woke up, I said to my husband, "How is like an oven like a TV set with channels?"

Then I realized the dream was talking about what we digest. God's been really hammering away at me about not returning to watching TV because a lie of some kind will soon be on TV -- whether church channels or the world-- and it would fool even the very elect.

We have to keep in the light so we don't fall asleep and think we're awake. Am also wondering if there's anything in the house I should get rid of.

Possible interpretation:
To me East Indians and Hinduism represents syncretism. There is something good about wholeness and holistic stuff... and yet I don't know...maybe that's what God is talking about ...that we have to be so careful about that wrong kind of syncretism. Interesting how the gospel of Thomas and the Indian type of Christianity has that weird gnostic thing. And the weird kundalini anointings that have been popping up in churches. Very Todd Bentleyesque. Whatever it is, I'm being very careful. I used to think that I have such discernment I wouldn't be deceived. But Jesus said, "if it were possible the deception would fool even the very elect." Not sure if I'm elect or not, although I'm sure I'm going to heaven (at this point in my life, anyway) and I DO NOT wish to risk being deceived. You can't really prepare yourself not to be deceived. We have to pray that God's light and word awaken us. So many times we think we're awake. We say, "okay, I'm saved now." Then we learn a little more and say, "okay, I'm saved now." Then we (learn) wake a little more and say, "okay, I'm not as asleep as I once was." But more and more I'm seeing the depths of my own darkness and the church's darkness and how easily one can think one is awake when one is really asleep. So am definitely being very careful and discerning in what the TV -- secular or christian-- sends my way. Watching what gets put into my oven.


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