Sunday, May 14, 2017

Poem: Mother's Day

Mother's Day -- bitter sweet.

Thinking of
-- on earth or in heaven,
blessings and lost blessings.
Sick children,
children in heaven.

Once on my mother's birthday
She came to me in a dream
And asked me
Very sadly
If I knew what day it was.
I told her,
“Of course I know!”

I'm always happy
when she turns up throughout the year
in dreams
Although she symbolizes
so many things.

But last night
I dreamed of
my two miscarried children.
Quite a surprise.
I was carrying them around
in a little uterus/enema bag.
Almost calcified,
they were encased 
by toys, might-have-been hobbies,
my dreams.
Apparently, I haven't forgotten them.
Life and the heart are strange things.
In heaven,
no death,
no sorrow,
no loss,
no separation any more.
Although my living children are with me
I hope to meet those miscarried dreams there.

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