Friday, September 29, 2017

POEM: World Enough and Time

To each house

its own unique sorrow


This is what

the judgmental

the pontificating

and the well-meaning

do not know

do not fully




the old world

to gather everything

to take into the mind and heart

everything and all.


For us humans:

the diagnosis

the cure

is easily proscribed.

But as the old folks say

Only Jesus knows.


To paraphrase Tolstoy:

happinesses are similar

griefs are unique and worlds apart


So the bull-dozing of good-will

the opinions of the kind-hearted

and the not-so-kind-hearted

the counsels, judgements, prescriptions...

Had we world enough and time,

We could hear.


But not now.

Now…in order to understand

we must tear down mental walls

we often fear to tear town

or build ladders,
we cannot -- in our humanity-- tear down.


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