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The Seven Basic Rules of Bible Interpretation
Basics in Bible Study
When Reading the Bible, Use Common Sense
Don't Assume that tiny Bible Stories contain no Spiritual lessons
Use the Bible to Interpret the Bible
Be Honest
If You Don't Know the Meaning of a Passage, Withhold Judgment
Don't use your denomination to interpret the Bible. Part 
Read the Bible in a Translation You Understand
Do not Build Entire Worlds upon a Scarcity of Material
Read Biblical Passages in Context
Questions to Ask Yourself When Reading a Bible Study61
Some Meditations on the Stories
Character Studies
Word Studies
Bible Study Format
Types of Bible Studies
Pitfalls of Bible Interpretation
Don't Mistake the Bible's Depiction of an Ugly Situation as a Biblical
Endorsement or Mandate.
Don't Assume You Know Everything about Bible Culture
Understand that thematic threads resonate throughout the Bible.
Don't Use Your Denomination to Interpret the Bible. 
Don't Turn Bible Characters into Sacred Cows or Scapegoats
Have a Sense of Humor.
Don't be too Quick to Think that the Bible is Contradicting Itself or is
Beware of assumptions, man-made traditions, and second-hand interpretations………
Don't Assume that People from Another Time were Not as Smart as we
Don't Let Your Discomfort with Sexual Issues Affect Your Interpretation
Be Aware Your Own Agenda Will Cause Misinterpretation
Know the Difference Between a Symbol and Something Literal
Understand what images are signs, symbols and types and which aren’t
Don't Try to Take the Supernatural Out of a Story
Private Interpretations or Bad Comprehension Skills Cause Biblical Misunderstanding
Some Words, Names or Slang Can Have Many Different Meanings 
Different Translations of These Words Can Affect Interpretation
Know All the Bible Before Attempting to Teach It
Know Your Own Personal Psychological History and Hang-ups
Old is Not Always Wrong; the New is Not Always True
Beware of Interpretations Influenced by the Media.
Be Aware of the Possibility of Offending Churchgoers
What If I read a Bible story and I’m Stumped for a Meaning?
Know a bit of History and Research Culture
Time and Culture Affect Bible Interpretation
Beware of the Deeply Shallow

Seeds of Bible Study by Carole McDonnell
Lulu, April 2008
292 Pages, Trade Paperback, $19.95
ISBN: 9781435780112
Genre: Religious/Inspirational
RAW Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)
SEEDS OF BIBLE STUDY should be required reading for every seminary student and every church that truly disciples “baby Christians” after their conversion to Christ. This is the first study guide I’ve ever read that addresses the true, often neglected, issues that arise in every Christian’s life. McDonnell, with courage and boldness, tackles issues that even the most erudite minister wouldn’t touch with the proverbial ten foot pole. Chapter headings range from “If You Don’t Know the Meaning of a Passage, Withhold Judgment” to “Don’t Try to Take the Supernatural Out of a Story” to “Know Your Own Personal History and Psychological Hang-Ups”–all areas that have reared their heads in the church, but are rarely resolved or acknowledged.
There is no doubt SEEDS OF BIBLE STUDY is an anointed, inspired study guide that is not for the faint-hearted, politically correct Christian. McDonnell has truly written a must-have manual for the Christian who wants to keep practicality, common sense and God at the center of their life. Well done, Ms. McDonnell. Well done.

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