Thursday, July 28, 2011

Witchcraft Blaster Prayer 2.0

 This prayer was written by Rich Keltner:

  Right now, In the Name of the Lord Jesus and by the     power of His Blood, I ask the blood of Jesus cleanse any sin, transgression or iniquity in my life, I close any breech, and ask forgiveness for any openings in the spirit, that they would be covered in the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ! Amen.      

Right Now! By the power of the blood of Jesus Christ I break all curses and loose myself and any of my   Family members from all evil curses, incantations, chanting, whispering, charms,   crystals, hexes, vexes, voodoo, hoodoo, incense burning, candle   magick, sex magick, blood sacrifices, blood rituals, doll spells,   vexations, bottle curses, cutting of roots, curses from berries, curses     from powders, pipe smoke, tobacco, herbs, eggs, oil bewitchments, insect curses, army of insects, coral,     buried objects curses, hidden objects spells, jinxes, accidents, misfortune, poverty, potions, spells of Death, spells     of Destruction, Bones, Human Skulls, Animal Skulls, graveyard dirt, coffin wood, coffin nails, pins, needles,     pain, sickness, infirmity, evil disease, all bewitchments, meditations, Astral projectors, Lucid dreamers, imagined   evil, imagined anger, prayer chains, witchcraft or sorcery in any form   which may have been put upon me or my family line, from any witch,   warlock, covens, person or persons or from any occult or psychic source.     

I claim the Blood of Jesus upon each of these demonic powers, to negate and cancel them now! I also renounce all connected and related evil spirits! And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I command     Every curse, vex and spell with the evil spirits to go back to the senders SEVENFOLD, let the Angel of the Lord use a battering Ram on their walls, blow through their pentagrams, circles and through their walls of protection and let their evils be bound to them by the Blood of Jesus, that their own traps and pits   would become a blessing unto them, and that they would find the   salvation truth of Jesus Christ to set them free from their own snares,   Amen.   

Second Phase. Twisting the sword!   

In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I break any and all   curses placed against me by witchcraft, spells or enchantments and   command the curses and demons from them to return to the senders SEVENFOLD,     and I bind every wicked curse, all the demons and spells back to them by the Blood of Jesus according to (Psalms 109).  As they clothed themselves with cursing like as with their garment, let it come into their bowels as water and like oil into their bones. As they  remembered not to show mercy. Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the LORD; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out. Let the extortioner catch all that he hath Amen!     

I break the power of any and all blood sacrifices and rituals invoked against me or   my family in the Name of Jesus Christ!. I proclaim the Blood of   Jesus upon any of my personal items that a worker of black magick   may have accumulated. I proclaim the Blood of Jesus upon these items, upon   my hair, my nails, perspiration, clothing, my blood, my saliva, my   urine or any other body fluid and upon my personal photos, my   families’ photos, my birthdate, scrolls, my written name, my signature,      Handwriting, any drawings or dolls created in my image, furthermore any   item that would be used as my image to invoke harm!  I negate, thwart and dissipate any hidden   embedded accursed items or objects on my body, on my clothing or placed in my   dwelling by proclaiming the blood of Jesus upon these items or objects right   now!  

I declare all of these curses null and void against me or my family, by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ!   And command them to go back to the senders of these evils, SEVENFOLD! If an   evil spirit was outsourced by any other witch or warlock, and does not know the   name of the sender, let the Angel of the Lord tell the names to the demons as they go back right now! In the name of the Lord Christ!      Amen

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