Saturday, April 22, 2017

Poem: A Grudge as great as the Wall in China


A day will come

When you will break down walls.


Not your own

But the carefully constructed

Brick and mortar fortresses

Of others.


With practiced casualness

You will trample

The gates of enemies and friends alike

And care little that you have trespassed.


All will call you

The Demolisher of souls and hearts

And you will no longer regard

Or respect lingual and emotional borders.


Your razing of their walls

And raising of your own

Will seem innate,

born of casual causality.


And only a few will know

That you were born

As grass, as stubble,

And your transformation

Into a bulldozer

Was nurtured

At the feet of those whose intent was to crush you.


At that time,

You will speak what you feel

And all the grudges you have carried

Because you were taught to be

Silent like a sheep that is slaughtered

Will be gone.

Yes, all those grudges

Even the ones

Seen from space,

Those ones as great and winding

And full of history
As the Great Wall of China.

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