Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Easy Way to Write Bible Studies

My new ebook, Easy Way to Write Bible Studies is out. Check it out at:
The Easy Way to Write Bible Studies
is not only a book on how to write Bible studies, but it's a Bible study in and of itself because I use Bible studies to illustrate certain interpretation and writing concepts.
Here's a taster of what's in the package:
The six basic rules of Bible interpretation:
* Learn how to read the Bible in a modern context using your common sense and intelligence to produce highly saleable articles, discussion papers and even virtual 'sermons'.
* Learn how to approach bible language and depictions - clearing the fog and discovering meaning in seeming contradictions.
* How to use humor to get your point across.
* How to bring the Bible to life, to make it fresh and relevant with each new article.
* Learn how to put aside your own 'prejudices' on sex, morality, and personal agendas.
* Discover the difference between symbolic and literal interpretation Learn the little known meanings of Bible names and references.
* Come to know the Bible as a rich source of reference and spiritual enlightenment.
* Get to know some of the specific historical perspectives and how our own culture has distorted or oversimplified the Bible's words

The main study book contains 234 pages packed with information and comment on all aspects of the Old and New Testaments. Including in depth analysis of the Gospels - on how and why their stories differ and coincide, as well as scholarly and fair assessment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nephilim, the role of the media, racism, slavery, even sex.
There's also a Bible reading plan - a complete beginners' guide to the Good Book.

Check it out at

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