Monday, June 14, 2010

Dark Parable: Discernment Dream

I dreamed I lived in and/or worked in a large dump/property which also made organic foods. The body parts of a baby was found in a dump. Either ours or the other two nearby.We called the cops and although they were sad about the crime, I didn't think they were passionately interested enough. There was a little blond boy beside me whom I seemed to have kind of adopted and taken it into my head to show him the ropes and enlighten him. A woman or maybe 2 women were also with me. I said to the little boy, "That cop didn't care." Then I corrected myself, "He cared, but he didn't care enough. He should get cadaver dogs. Sure, I know it's hard to find where the dumped baby body parts came from and who dumped it but they could do some investigation, they just either don't have any hope of finding it or they don't want to expend the energy." When I said this I was nibbling on a bit of clean cow foot or cow knuckle. It seemed to be my habit to nibble on that thing. 

These three dumps were different in many ways. For instance, although they were dumps, they also contained large property in which one could do other things. My dump was on one side, then there was one in the middle which was rarely mowed so the grass grew high and one had to be really careful. I warned the little blond boy who was with me that he should wear socks with his boots because mosquitoes would get him. I was thinking snakes but I didn't want to scare him. I told him the difference between the three properties was also that there was a great church on the dump the farthest away from ours. My neighbor's neighbor. The church was called Dawn of the Dead and it was perfect. But it only operated from June to November... during the busy season or the planting season... so we'd have to wait. 

I told the blond little boy that if he was going to work with us he would have to learn to discern certain foods from the smell. I started by saying he had to learn to discern different wines. Then I said, "Wine is very bad." Cause I didn't want him to drink it. But then I realized that wasn't quite true so I corrected myself, "You must've get drunk with wine." And he added, "because it has some good things to it." I was glad I was dealing honestly with this kid because he already knew some truths. 

Then I put other foods under the kids' nose -- blindfolded him-- to see if he could detect what they were so he could sharpen his ability to discern. Chocolate and almond (and maybe sunflower seeds) before they were blended together. Then my friend, Carol, whom I haven't seen in a while blended them together. It seemed to me the little boy would be able to smell them better when they were cut up and blended...because blending releases the aroma and essences. Cause I don't think one can recognize the smell of almonds if they're whole. Not sure. uhm...

Then I put other things under his nose. And finally I brought him a prepackaged candy bar, something with coconut in it. I said to him, "Recognize this smell. It's the smell most commercial prepackaged candy has. After a while you recognize it easily." It seemed to be the smell one smells in bakeshops or maybe high fructose corn syrup or some chemical or whatever. But I wanted him to recognize it and I think I also wanted him to learn to avoid it. 

What is funny is that I was very careful with my words in the dream. That was interesting to me. Choosing what to say and/or carefully correcting myself if I said something wrong. Because that's how I am in real life. For better or worse. 

I think the dream is about prepackaged spirituality, churches with strange smells -- strange flaky modern doctrines-- and one must learn to discern. Discerning of spiritual foods (and doctrines) as well as literal foods, I think. I think we are all "down in the dumps" but we have to know that even then we have organic pure food to give to others. -C

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