Saturday, July 10, 2010

God is so good.

There I was lying in bed at 3:1m despairing of sleep and generally being in a morbid mood. After Rodlyn's death, and the CPS situation and now this weird left breast series of mammo test, plus the other issues...well, I was saying to God, "Whatever happens, I'm way too tired to fight. Life is crappy, has been crappy for 27 years, and I just don't have any strength left. You understand, Lord, that I'm only hanging on because Gabe needs me. And you understand, Lord, how much you'll have to do to restore everything in our lives, Gabe's health, my health, finances, etc? I can see you doing a little patchwork here and there in our lives...but can you restore all? "

So in the middle of this whining, I hear older son rush downstairs. Several minutes later, he comes back up and comes into our room.

He had been sleeping and he heard a male voice call out to him. (This kid was looking at a booty-clappin video all night, mind you. And he always seems to be looking up girls to sleep with on facebook but who am I to tell God who He should speak to? And God has given Logan some strange hints and signs all this kid's life. So I suspect God ius waiting for older son to get serious.)

Anyway, Logan says he heard a voice wake him up out of sleep. So he jumps up out of bed. He looks around, realizes the voice isn't from anyone physical in the room. He's sitting there, then he gets this thought in his mind to go downstairs to the kitchen. Not something he wants to do but hey.... So he goes downstairs and what does he see? Mr Gabe has put on a pot of rice -- without water-- and the flame is lit and rising all over. (Oh yes, we've had fires before in this kitchen...which God also saved us from but which managed to burn the cupboards. and come to think of it, when I was a kid, we also had a kitchen fire but that one a dog saved me.)
Anyway, older son takes younger son and turns everything off.

Then hubby wakes up this morning and says, "I had a dream that we came back to our house and it was totally beautiful and restored with great landscaping. And I spoke with one of the workmen because a tree was in our yard. I asked him why the tree was there and he said, "Because Carole wanted it. It's a myrtle."

In describing the house, Hubby said, "It was our house, not a new one. But it was restored and as beautiful as a house of this type can it wasn't us in a palace or anything. But our own life restored."

Now, my husband doesn't really think much about myrtles. Nor do I speak about myrtles. But Myrtles are a sign of restoration in the Bible. Instead of the brier will come up the myrtle...and I will restore you. Also a symbol of Feast of Tabernacles...and also a symbol of the healing power of Apollo. And in my dreams, workmen always are angels. So in effect, Luke's dream was: "Tell Carole there will be restoration in your life...and if she doesn't believe it -- if she thinks this is coming out of your own mind, show her the Myrtle tree. She knows you don't think about myrtles."

When he told me the dream and I figured out the interpretation I burst out laughing. God is always so sweet at winking at me. And the upshot also was: "Even if you aren't sleeping or having a vision, Carole, I can still talk to your son and to y our husband. You aren't the only one I talk to in your family.." This comfort brought me so much peace.

Something on Feast of Tabernacles

It says, basically, the feast was to remind the Jews that God brought them out of Egypt (they had to dwell in booths), and could bring them out of any type of bondage.

When hubby and I read the passover story, I broke down and just cried and cried for joy and for hope
I was, Luke, do you realize not one of these people were sick, their shoes waxed not old during the entire journey, and they came out rich...and I just got so amazed at the way we've been taught to limit God, to not dream big

Recently, God was telling me that we've been taught when we pray for people to pray as if God directs his energy toward a specific part. God, heal her eye. God heal her arthritis. But if we open our heart and faith to God to bring all of himself into a situation, wouldn't he make us everywhit whole? It's easier to make the all whole than to just fix a little part of it. That really spoke to me. So am praying for everything wrong with Gabe to be fixed...and everything wrong with me to be fixed...and praying for our own Passover. That's why I burst into tears when I read the passover story. The allness of it.
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