Monday, April 04, 2011

Dark Parables: A hateful, terrifying, devouring dragon

Last night, I dreamed a hateful, devouring, terrifying dragon was terrifying my town. It looked like a dragon or like a dinosaur or like Godzilla. It was a little ways up the block from me and it went to certain doors along the road where it would choose it would kill. At one point, I heard it shout to someone to get a particular woman because that was the one it wanted to devour. It seemed to have a particular hatred for women. I was outside my house when it spoke and I rushed inside my house hoping it wouldn't see me or hurt me or take any interest in me. But its voice was so full of hatred that I became filled with terror. There's something very terrifying about such pointed hatred. Glad that I had made indoors, I was still worried about what this creature would do when it came unto my block. Would it choose to devour me? Which of the family --if any-- would it choose to eat? I ran into the kitchen looked out the window of the kitchen. There I saw a woman with blonde hair and in a polka-dot red dress with some pink shawl of collar or something. It was very like the little girl I'd seen in the vision of the dead birds and seemed to be the same woman ...but at the same time it was as if the little girl had grown older. But she wasn't really mature in many ways. She was sort of giggly and was dancing about and she seemed very surprised that the hateful dragon had decided to kill her. I watched her face change as she realized she was being killed. I got so afraid. I started shouting hysterically to my husband, crying, "Where will we go? Where will we go?" He responded, equally agitated, shouting quite quickly, "Pray in tongues, pray in tongues!" The dream ended with me trying to catch up and pray although I thought it was too late to actually be praying because the monster was so near. I wasn't sure the quick sudden desperate prayer --instead of a life of consistently praying-- would have much effect in saving me as the monster approached. 
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