Thursday, May 01, 2008

As he are we

Good verse to meditate on:

As Jesus is, so are we in this present world.
Not as Jesus was.
Not so will we be in heaven.
But we are like him, risen with the one who has been given the power over authorities and powers and has the key to hell and death.

Another verse to ponder:
Through one man death reigned, by one man we can reign.

Man has always wanted Dominion because we know it was originally given to us. Then the devil came, sin came, sickness came. Jesus has given us our dominion over sin, and sickness. He has destroyed death's power over us. Death was our last enemy. But n ow he has destroyed it. And he added even more...he gave us authority and power over all the powers of the enemy. If only all the children of God really knew what Christ has done for us...and what he has enabled us to do through His resurrection! Without Christ we are nothing....but we are never without Christ. We are something all right, powerful children of God! Oh for faith to show the world the goodness of God and the glory Jesus has returned to us!
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