Friday, May 30, 2008

Driving While Black

So yesterday was an interesting day....for me anyway. Cops in these parts are simply out of control. Not even thinking about the Sean Bell incident. I mean one teenage girl (from one of the wealthier towns around here) made a sex tape with her boyfriend. Cops were looking for something in her boyfriend's place, found the tape, forced her to look at it while they also looked on. The kid's family is suing and dang straight they shuld. Also: in Newburgh at least 14 people have died in police custody in the past year. Okay, what's that about? The town is absolutely tiny. And then there is the problem with my son. Between my son's tendency to speed, weird laws against tinted windows in cars, my son forgetting to pay his speeding tickets, cops doing the driving-while-black thing, and cops just going fishing (when you stop at the light and they are behind you, they just run your plates for the heck of it.) well, we have paid $1600 in car fines in the last three months. But the kicker was yesterday when a cop car stopped beside my son who had pulled over. Cop searched car, found nothing except a small penknife. Checked to see if penknife flicked open. Mercifully it didn't. Said to my son threateningly, "Hey, it's too bad this thing doesn't flick open cause I would've given you a ticket." Then proceeds to TAKE my son's wallet with $50 and drive away. Then cop returns to the precinct with the wallet and says, "we 'found' his wallet on the ground." $50 gone!!!!!! GONE, BABY, GONE!!!!! That was our food money, the cop took. Dang, I do not wish to go to the food pantry. But that's the way these cops are. They don't realize that folks need their money. I said to son, well, just accept it and pray for them. I might write the police cheif about it but it's our word against the cops'. At least, it'll be in the cops personnel file. I said to son, "Stop speeding because once they stop you, they can do anything they want to you...consider yourself lucky they didn't plant marijuana or crack on you." Dealing with cops just is no joke.
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