Thursday, May 08, 2008

psalm 21 and 20

I read psalm 20 yesterday because, well, it's near psalm 21. Interesting. Pslam 20 seems to be asking for victory, and psalm 21 seems to be declaring it...although victory hasn't happened yet.

That got me to thinking about imagining victory. We christians don't usually do sermons on imagining good -- otherwise called hope, the things that are hoped for, the things unseen but wanted. But we often talk a lot about negative imaginations.

Last night I thought about what life will be like when younger son is miraculously healed. It was quite a mental foray. I spoke to my husband about what would happen, how the miracle would affect the neighbors, our family, etc. The muslim deli owners would rejoice -- hey he wouldn't be escaping the confines of our house and walking into their store and picking up cookies all the time. My atheist friends who don't believe in miracles will be amazed when we turn up at the door, younger son talking and being all normal. (Christian normal, I mean). All those who have never seen miracles -- from sainted church ladies to my older son's buddies-- will know of at least one moment when they see that Jesus is the living God. Yep, I imagined and chattered to hubby and talked to God and talked to the spiritual obstacle/mountain about what life will be like. And I praised and thanked God that he was doing it.

It was good to get my mind into that mode. I so often equate imagination with dread and fear.

God speaks about hope a lot...we have to learn to be conscious of what exactly we hope for, what we really would like to SEE happen in physical reality. And declare it. So, another move toward working on getting this kid's healing to manifest. Psalm 21 is a psalm about victory imagined, i think. -C
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