Friday, May 23, 2008

Rising up in defiance of the problem

Okay, so here I am ready to challenge the illnesses by rising up in defiance of them.

No, no, I don't throw away my meds or nutritional diets or regimen or anything but even if I feel like crap I DO force myself to walk downtown in my horrible feelingness. I know that the Precious Promises of God's word are working in my son and me...and I believe God's report about my son and me, not the doctors' report.

So, how do i do this with younger son? Well, we tend not to take him to the supermarket because we're afraid he'll act up. Plus -- even worse-- when he comes to our bed in the morning we allow him to slip under the covers...even though yours truly may not have slept.Plus the kid sees me in my ratty nightgown with my large pendulous breast flapping around. All I think is that when this kid's healing manifests and he falls in love he'll bring home some woman with flapping breasts. Hey, that's gotta stop. We've got to start believing he's an adult and not a baby. The kid's 18, for heaven's sake!

So, am focusing on The Lord is Older and younger son's light, and he is their salvation. That is the word of God. HE gives light and understanding to the severely disabled and the mentally retarded. And he heals them. He gives light and understanding to annoying older know-it-all sons who believe only what their friends say. The carnal human part of me wants to give in sometimes, but my spirit and my mind will trust in the word of my lord and the power of Christ's blood. -C
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