Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sex and Death

Okay, so there I was yesterday...going along with my life when the Holy Spirit tells me to put two things away from myself:

First, I have a bad habit of listening to true crime shows all day. So it's pretty schitzy here. One second I'm on sci-fi channel, the next I'm on christian music television or God-tV, the next moment I'm watching some romantic drama, and the next I'm watching a marathon of crime/forensics drama.

Now, notice that -- as yet, anyway-- I haven't been chided about love stories or SF/fantasy shows. But the holy spirit comes in with talk about me pervading my soul with all this blood. That's a bit on the tough side because I'm at home during the day. I like having the TV on as company. But I don't want to listen to the news. Don't even get me started on what I think of the media. So, will have to do a clean cut weaning from that one.

Then, second, the holy spirit told me to get rid of my tendency to admire beauty in men. It's a shallow habit, i know...and I will confess I think about beautiful men waaay too much.

So that's that. Hey, I'll do anything to get my son's healing to manifest. Have been singing and praising God every night and/or morning. So I suspect it's hard for the angels to bring healing into the room when all that lust and bloodlust is going on. Thank you holy spirit for guiding me. I will definitely commit to casting down wrong imaginations.
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