Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still small voice

So...what has God been telling you to do?

The first was fairly simple. I was at the store and wanted to buy a whole chunka candy...and I was strong and didn't buy it. YAY!!! I was very thankful that God gave me the strength to say no! to something that just was not healthy for me. I really felt that to disobey the warnings inside my spirit re those wonderful chocolate candies would be a real slap in the face. I mean..sometimes one KNOWS it's God telling you not to do something ...and one does it anyway. And what happens? One feels crappy. God is still there and loving us but one has not straightened one's spiritual walk or fine-tuned one's ability to obey. And when one continues to obey God, the time comes when he's not going to ask you to do anything anymore. One develops a seared conscience that cannot hear or feel God's spirit.

Well, moving from chocolates. I’ve been feeling a little whisper telling me to stop watching gossip shows and to stop clicking on internet links that deal with gossip. Other than the fact that we live in a culture of greed, a culture of spite, a culture of envy, and a culture of adulation, and those things taint the soul....there’s the spiritual fact that negative stuff about other folks lives simply is not my business. It’s an addiction that destroys the soul. I find myself getting very annoyed at pundits and comedians who make fun of the trials of other people. I’m actually quite peeved that they have made certain folks their communal laughingstock. Sure, I don’t know Britney Spears but I don’t have to stand by all full of schadenfreude and feel superior to famous people who are having a tough life. So yeah... in addition to giving up cop shows I now have to avoid TMZ, Best Week Ever, and The Soup. Talk about withdrawals! But if God seems to be hinting at this change in my TV-viewing...well, homegirl’s gotta do it.

Of course it may not be God telling me this at all. It might just be that my soul is more tender toward people being humiliated and insulted. But even so....if the soul becomes sensitive to something, it’s a good idea to think that the “soul is the lamp of God” and that what the soul wants is also what God wants. So either not change something about one’s self when one feels the inner urge like quenching the holy spirit’s warnings. I know all too well what it’s like to not listen to the Holy Spirit. One becomes dull of hearing the next time. I don’t want to do something that will leave me in the position of resensitizing myself to hearing God’s voice.

BTW, this is my issue. Am not saying everyone should be changing their viewing habits. Just saying that I feel it is time for do something.
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