Friday, August 07, 2009

Am back

Okay, am trying to get my act together here. It's been one of those weird months. Won't go on about it. Sufficeth to say worrying about a kid with tummy issues and not quite committing to refrain from giving him cookies and dairy is not a good mix. Am wondering if there's such a thing as an allergy so bad that the withdrawal of the evil food (milk and cookies in this case) just makes the kid suffer more.

Even so, we might give in on the cookies but we won't ever give in on the milk again. (Okay, hubby gave him some ice cream yesterday which is just very stressing.) Milk has caused us much grief.

Anyway, trying to get control here. Gotta write and the child has missed most of summer school because of his tummy issues. We're also trying to make him drink more water.

God gave me a dream where someone asked me, "Where are the greens?" So, yeah, we have to teach this kid to eat more veggies. Might make soup today. Chicken soup with spinach? Don't know about adding the rice. Have been wondering if I should get rid of all the grains...but am thinking he's quite good if he just avoids milk, drinks water, and eats enough fiber. Will see.

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