Friday, August 28, 2009

Atheist humor

Okay...atheist humor? Not something i like. Too arrogant and mocking, too spiteful, too intend on hurting, too condescending. And often, they're theologically wrong and make jokes about some point of theology that only a few Bible-believing Christians believe. Granted they are open-minded in their snideness. They pick on Jews, Hindus, animists, everyone who is not as wise as their tiny majority. But they seem to really like picking on Christians. (Of course they'd be really careful about picking on depictions of Nigerian witch doctors in films. They wouldn't want to be racists, after all. But for the most part...all doctrines but their own are open targets.

Yes, I know...atheists laugh and joke at other things any other regular people. But I'm not talking about them when they're being normal. I'm talking about when they get all "atheisty."

Christian humor? Okay, it's cute. A bit maudlin. But it's generally not really mean-spirited. Unless it's some flaky Conservative in a spiteful mood. (The spite they learn from atheists, obviously.) But generally, if you get Christian humor in your email, it's not aimed at making fun of the 80% of the world who believes in a Deity.

Jewish humor? Nicely self-denigrating.

African-American humor? Also self-mocking.

Not so the atheists. Hey, they have a sense of humor. But making fun of their doctrine and fellow believers? Never! They don't have the heart to do that.
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