Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama Joker Posters

Okay, I believe in free speech. But it weirds me out that the same folks who are so against Pres Obama (whom I don't even like, mind you) didn't make a peep when Pres Bush jokered us into a billion-dollar war.

So yeah, I believe in free speech. But this divisiveness in our nation caused by such "grass-roots" organizing is creeping me out. (Yeah, I'm creeped out by the Lincoln-Obama comparisons too. Feels a bit morbid. And that's the reason I really don't like these joker posters. American racism is very murderous. Heck, all racism is murderous. And prejudiced Americans with their desire to "take America back" can be quite murderous. All that entitlement mentality. Honestly, the subtext of the poster is death. I might even add that the subtext is lynching. (Yeah, I'm good at picking up lynching in the atmosphere.) I know folks will say it's "only" about the Joker, and if anything the posters are about madness. But, call me flaky, but the posters read "death" to me.

I suppose some folks are upset because it's an example of hateful folks using trendy racism to mock the president. The Joker posters also have that death-mask look.

So, then, aren't folks allowed to speak their minds? Even if hateful right-wing pundits are fuelling hatred across the land? ::sighing deeply:: They say humor diffuses anger. It makes folks think something's being done, it makes them feel relieved of some of their angst and seething. So, one could say the general nastiness is just a whole lotta smoke, and racists fuming about having a black president. But, I just think murder and death loom ahead. I know this country. I can sense the hate in the atmosphere. I know how entitled some white folks feel when they aren't given the 90% of attention, 90% of power, etc they think is rightfully theirs.

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