Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temper, Temper

So, older son -- in a fit of pique-- got mad at younger son. Ah gee! Then he said, "I'm not going to take care of that kid when I get older." Younger son had thrown older son's clothes --white work pants he needs for the hospital-- into the bath and soaked it in water.

I, on the other hand, don't really have much of a temper. I tend to seethe. I guess it's a temper.

Older son has a dislike of abnormalcy...and alas, he's stuck with us abnormals with our abnormal life. He didn't plan it but there he is stuck. I, on the other hand, am stuck with this child's utter normalcy.

Okay, then! If he doesn't want to take care of his brother, fine! Hey, I'm waiting for God to surprise older son with younger son's miracle. I still believe. I know how to believe now. And older son will have had no part in this miracle when it comes about. How sad! He won't be able to say, "I loved my brother so much and took care of him lovingly all those years." What a shame to not be able to say that!
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