Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Movie-Viewing

Saw Tea and Sympathy with John Kerr and Deborah Kerr. Loved it. Guy who does non-masculine thing is called sister boy by all the macho frats. The housemaster's wife is only supposed to give him (and all the sad boys) tea and sympathy. But no! She gets too emotionally involved and actually starts caring. A no-no in this world. In the end, she feels it's up to her to make him trust his masculinity...which means, well...."In the future when you speak of this -- and you will-- be kind." Remembered again how cruel the world can be, how the herd mind works and how people reject those who are different. Reminded myself that Constant Tower was about alienation. Psal's and Maharai's and Ephan's especially. And how the rejected form little worlds by themselves.

Saw a Bollywood flick called Ghajini which is a lot like Memento. Not the backward storytelling thing but still some disjointed storytelling. Sanjay (played by Bollywood mega-heartthrob Amir Khan) falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a saint. Before he tells her he's a millionaire who's only pretending to be rich because he wants to be loved by himself, she runs afoul of a bad guy who is in the "take-kidney-from-young-girls-for-money-then-turn-them-into-prostitutes-for-human-trafficking" biz. Bad guy kills her and seriously messes up Sanjay leaving Sanjay with only 15 minutes short-term memory. Now Sanjay has to find bad guy and -- with his handy photos with names and ID scrawled on them-- kill him. Whenever he's in love or remembering the past, there's a whole lotta bollywood dancing and singing. But it really does work as a good mystery. Very tense.

Saw a bit of Ratatouille.

Saw Ground Zero. Cause I have a mega-crush on Aaron Eckhart and totally adore Ben Kingsley. There was this thing called the Icarus project which trained FBI folks to be profilers. Unfortunately, it messes folks up. And now we have a serial killer killer running about chasing Suspect Zero (Ben's character) and other serial killers. Not that the FBI really wants to save serial killers. But poor Aaron is not too sane either. Those FBI profiling lessons/techniques certainly messes folks up. Liked this too.

So wanted to see Masquerade with Rob Lowe. It's a good little mystery flick but it was on a channel I don't have. Made me so want to see it again. Haven't seen it in years.

Saw My Life as a Dog. Kid stuck living with other folks and what he goes through. Tough to sit through a film about separation. I find it very hard to sit through films about kids suffering. Had a tough time watching such films as Rabbit-Proof Fence. But I especially tense up in films about kids with dying parents or stories where some separation occurs. It's quite bittersweet though and although it brought back so much of the grief I had in Jamaica when I was shifted around from family member to family member --thus utterly ruining my ability to feel part of any group (which is a good thing, I'm beginning to believe)-- in its weird little way made me feel happy about my tendency to eccentricity. Makes me see why I love my flaky friends so much, and makes me not so ashamed of my own flakiness. Not a bad weekend.
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