Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buried talent, kind words

Okay, I have these moments when I want to hide my talent in the ground. (Writers' despair) Wanted to just stop working on The Constant Tower. (And had been going at a fair clip, if I do say so myself.)

But I've got to praise my hubby. He's far from perfect...pert near imperfect but he always knows how to say something hopeful.  (Yep,. I turned him from an atheist into a Bible-believer thumping positive affirmations on folks. I'm powerful in that, at least.) Anyways, he lifts up the statement I just got from Juno -- the one that made me get so depressed I could hardly think (but mercifully my mouth worked and I could eat chocolate.) And he said, "This is the devil's deception! Don't believe it! Wind Follower is blessed, favored!" Is that cute or what? Nice to have my imperfect perfect hubby around.

Thanks also to my friends for cheering me on. I really needed it.

So then, for the nonce, no burying of my talent in the ground. -C

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