Thursday, September 03, 2009

Counting to ten

Okay, I have a nasty temper. Everyone knows it. Granted it's a kind of selective nastiness. Some folks can do no wrong -- no matter how creepily they behave-- because they're my friends. Other folks can do nothing right because --honestly-- I find them judgmental and insensitive. Yep, that's my worse failing. I'm very short-tempered and I'm especially judgmental with judgmental folks.

I was at the movie theater with my friend, Rain -- who is Muslim-American -- and some guy behind us got an attitude. I got up in the middle of the film and totally turned him off than sat back down. Okay, I can do this kinda thing because my friend owned the local arthouse...but honestly, I would've done it if my friend didn't. Some folks just set me off. And it's like wildfire. I lack all sense of patience with them.

So now, here I am counting to ten. Why? Because I'm seriously p*ssed at local cops. But that's another story. Cops are seriously out of control anyway. The problem is me. I seriously do NOT mind being an angry person who flies off the handle. How, then, am I to change a vice I'm not particularly angry about. I don't consider it a virtue but honestly, I don't see anything particularly wrong with it. My friends love me, so what do I care if folks I don't respect dislike me?

Alas, Carole! Alack, Carole! So, you intend to go into heaven with this nasty hair-trigger temper you fall into whenever you have to deal with some jerk?
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