Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dark Parable: alligator snake battle

Was up all night then around mid-morning i fell asleep for about a minute and dreamed the following:

Dreamed I was crossing the street (appeared to be across from some big place where a political media event was taking place.)A woman was beside me. Maybe she had been at the media event also. In front of us was a house built on a slightly elevated hill, above the sidewalk. A female friend of mine lived there. She was on top of her roof. When I saw her I thought she'd make good friends with the woman beside me. But my friend on the roof was busy and had her mind on other things. She had two friends with her. They stood on the grass in front of her house looking up at her. There was a snake/viper who was living in a pit of her house. Seems the pit went from the roof all the way through the house to the basement. Luckily my friend had gotten an alligator/crocodile as a pet. The next thing I knew she was holding the alligator. The alligator was heavy and quite large. Her plan was to drop the alligator through the top of the pit on the roof to make it battle with and kill/eat the pit viper. She held the alligator over the pit with its stomach on the top turned toward her, its head over the pit. I kept thinking she should at least turn it around and hold it with its stomach toward the ground so it could land in the pit on its stomach. But she was very afraid the viper would win and kill the alligator instead of the other way around. She didn't want her alligator hurt. As they stood there wondering if they should risk the alligator's life, the snake leaped up from the pit into the alligator's upside down mouth. It was all very messy and confusing and we couldn't tell if the alligator was chocking on the snake or if the snake would be swallowed and bitten or if the alligator would die from a live snake thrashing about in it. The girls got worried for the alligator and tried to save it (in case it was losing the battle, but who could tell?) Suddenly, one girl got entangled in the snake's coils and the next thing you knew, the girl, the snake, and the alligator were all tangled and falling from the roof onto the sidewalk in a tangled intertwine mess. Next thing I know the girl is being strangled in the middle of the road by the snake being coiled around her neck. I raced to help her cause she fell near me and the snake which seemed like a grey ribbon bit into my right forearm with its fangs. When I woke I was trying to yank the fangs out of my wrist.

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