Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dark Parable: baby lion and mining colony in out of space

I dreamed of a gang that wanted to kill my family and a little newborn in our house. They kept shooting at us. At last, they gave us a box with a little lion cub in it. It didn't seem too dangerous in the beginning. But it got a bit bigger and nibbled at the three middle fingers of my left hand as we were trying to get rid of it. Second dreamlet. Seems I was on a mining colony on some colonized planet in space. I worked with other miners. We were led by a tough gruff guy who didn't seem as if he would hurt anyone, but if threatened or annoyed he would. We got a signal from a vessel that the person on it wanted water. Our leader said he would give him some but of course he had to pay for it but he had so little. Our leader asked him to give even a small thing. He had to give something, as a matter of honor and payment. Finally, he found a tiny little box of cereal to pay for the water. We took it. The cereal reminds me of the grain offering. This dream reminds me of David and Abram who wouldn't allow others to bless them by simply giving something. They wanted to pay for stuff folks wanted to give them for free. Haven't had a science fiction dream in a while.

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