Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fleeting Thought

Well, my four nieces have been reading Wind Follower. Actually, I have way more nieces than that but these are the nieces I kinda know or have spoken to. All are the daughters of cousin, sister-in-law, half-sister. My truest niece in the biological sense hasn't asked to read it. I doubt she has my email address.

The daughters of my cousin-who-is-like-a-sister loved it. One of them passed it on to their dad to read. Well that got me thinking. Does this mean the niece who is daughter of my half-sister will give it to my father to read after she's read it? And honestly, do I care what that old selfish never-supported-us forced-my-mom-to commit-abortion divorcing-my-mom-to-sleep-around-with-others dad actually cares about my work?

Will he look at my picture and say "That's my daughter?" Or will he dislike me because that's what guilty folks do -- hate the thing that reminds them of their guilt?

They say a good life is the best revenge. Well then: may I be rich and famous for my craft! May both his deserted daughters do wonderfully well!
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