Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Revisions Coming Along

Constant Tower is coming along. I'm really liking it. There are places that are kinda flat and lack emotion but there are other sections that make me say, "Wow! This thing isn't half bad! Actually, it's quite good." So it makes me work to make the bad sections way better.

Must commit to the regimen, though and try to get some sleep.

Am not sure about the ending at present. So I'm just going to continue writing and see what's what. I've got the basic end in there as a kind of placeholder but am not sure of what my characters are gonna say when they get their goals. And Ktwala is where the issue turns: Is she a true sacrificer? Is she just beaten by circumstances and doing it cause she's got really no strength left to argue? And what will Psal do?

Also, I keep wondering if I haven't slighted Ktwala and the Voca Queen. Ktwala is good but it's kinda not her story. And Ezbel, the Voca Queen, really needs a truly nasty scene to show her evil. So far, I've shown her cruelty but since she hasn't done my main characters any harm, it's always been her evil shown second-hand. ::shrugging:: Not sure if I really need to show her evil towards the heroes til the end though. (Although it is a good idea to make one's villain hated all along. Uhm...maybe I just don't hate her as much as I should. Always a problem with me and my villains.) I got to worrying if I haven't shown the two older women as well as I could. But honestly, they aren't the main characters so why am I getting all bent out of shape about this? Fear of feminist friends thinking I failed the ladies? Uhm, will see what happens.

But so far, it's really quite lovely. Not as full of my personal griefs as Wind Follower. But still pretty personal. Yet the characters are distant, and separate from me. And it touches my heart. Will see. Am trusting God has a home for it -- although it's not as Christian as Wind Follower is. I think Wind Follower was blessed. It's truly a unique odd brave little book. (Dang! WTF?!!! What if I missed the total point and beauty of Constant Tower by purposely avoiding the Christianity of it all! No, I don't want to think about that. Who wants to hear she wrote the right story in the wrong way because she lacked the courage of her conviction and wanted to not upset folks?)

Constant Tower may have suffered a bit because I was so burned by Christians picking at it and by Neth's attacking the pacing. But it's still a beautiful haunting little book and I wish it well. Please, God, please bless it and find it a great little home. And while you're at it, please continue to bless Wind Follower. My heart is in that book.
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