Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tossed in the proud of myself.

So there I was, lying in bed, trying to drink my allotment of water when my sweet kind-hearted neighbor who I've had lo these 22 years, calls from beyond my gate. What does she have in her hand? Food from Meals-on-Wheels. Turns out she doesn't eat as much as they bring. Her husband is a picky eater. So she's brought it over to me. For a moment, I'm like..."yeah, let me take this extra free food off your hands."

So we talk and gossip about the latest news and exhort each other to avoid scary news shows intended to make fat black women feel immoral and on the throes of death. Then I re-enter the house and look at my sudden surprise. Aaargh. AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!

The stuff they give the poor! Yes, I know: this is the government that lets teachers pay for school kids' equipment and spends most of its money on wars. Why should I be surprised?

Aside from the fact that they give this crap to black folks -- who like eating good food-- and who gain weight from dairy (from American cows) and wheat, it was the most horrible life-denying stuff. An old person who lives on this crap must see life as lacking in joy. (I'm serious, here. I kid you not.)

Cottage cheese and canned fruit salad. (Yes, I know: these poor social services folks --or whoever it is that takes care of Meals on Wheels) don't have the money to cut up real food and if a supermarket donates their (expired) fruit salad, I shouldn't be so pissed off and ungrateful. Especially, since I'm not the one this stuff is aimed for. After all, some of these old folks might not even have who am I to speak?

Then there was this very unpleasant looking white bread with American Cheese and icky looking ham. I cannot describe it.

Okay, they give milk. Which is food in its "pure form" (if we don't include the bovine growth hormones, dangers caused by pasteurization and homogenization, all those antibiotics, etc. But after reading Death In The Milk about the evils of A1 milk, I cannot touch milk in any form. Not with a clear conscience and with my fearful oh-my-God-I'm-in-menopause-and-must-be-careful-about-hormones mindset.

They also give corn. Tons of corn on the cob. But honestly, I can have that either. An angel came to me in a dream and told me not to eat it. (Yes, honestly!) Corn is so friggin bio-engineered. In addition, I get into terrible anaphylactic shock when I eat the thing. A coupla weeks ago I ate some catsup. I'll just say I was stuck in bed for about two weeks.

So, yeah, while folks in Africa (not China) are starving, I dared to toss the food. I would've kept the milk for kitty but younger son would've gotten to it. And I don't want him to drink it. Besides, if I consider something poisonous for my family, why should I give it to someone else?

Honestly, the old me would've eaten it. It seems I've grown and changed somewhat.
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