Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dark Parable: Birds that peck out the eye

I dreamed I was walking on a path around early dusk. In the dream I remembered
it from another dream and I remembered the warning that went with it. There was
a gate from the field I was on which led to another field. I knew that very
cruel birds watched that gate and whenever people stopped to open the gate to go
from one field to the other the birds would take that small momentary
opportunity while people waited to take out the eyes of the person.

There was a way around to the other field. But I had gone there before in
another dream and had managed to escape the birds so I figured I'd go this way
again. Besides there was a shadowy figure looming just beyond the gate, pretty
much beside it, and I thought it was my friend. So I figured: "why go the long
way round? Take a chance."

I saw a flock of these creepy birds -- black-- hovering but only one came down
when he saw me approach the gate. He perched on a rock and waited.

I was wearing a scarf/shawl and it was bundled on my head kind of messily, kinda
hanging over my eyes and bunched up at the back. So I figured that would protect
me. I also put my left hand over my cheek near my left eye so the eye would be

I saw that the latch to the gate was closed and that I had to fiddle with it. So
I tried to open it with my eyes closed and with my hand over my eyes. The bird
started pulling at my scarf near my eye to yank it off. I could also feel him
yanking away at the scarf near my neck. I kept fiddling with the latch...and I
thought the gate was opened. I'm not sure, though. I remembering wondering why
my friend wasn't helping me now that I was past the gate. Then I started
wondering if it was my friend at all. Because the person was so shrouded and
covered in dark clothing.


I realized that the way I was covering my eyes in the open the latch to the unknown shadowed friend and yet to protect the eyes... is exactly how I read some emails from internet friends. Friends beyond the eye-gate (the monitor). You never know when you're going to get a nasty email from some touchy new cyber-friend. I think God was telling me to be careful. One can't spend one's time befriending folks and then being afraid of their oversensitive letters.
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