Monday, March 29, 2010

We Who Live at the End of Time -- So what if we aren't raptured?

I'm getting more and more convinced that the end times are here...and that we won't be raptured. Okay, so if I'm skin off my back. I'll be happily in the clouds. But if I'm right...uhm...I suspect the first Christian folks who will fall into the apostasy will be the un-raptured American Christians who believed in the prosperity gospel. Wouldn't they be majorly confused and royally pissed to find themselves still here on earth suffering prosperity? I doubt Christians who are used to suffering will be freaked out. They're used to suffering. But American Christians shy away from it.

So, I suspect their hearts will be failing from fear. Then, those who survived the shock, will probably fall for the Great Lie...because they'll want to believe.

Just thinking. Am sad, though, that --pre-trib or mid-trib or post-trib-- most Christians are utterly unaware of how terrifyingly late it is-- that the anti-christ is on the scene (whoever he might be), that we are literally in the last months of the last days, that we are ripe to be deceived.

Anyways, writing away and working on my novels. One of which --Constant Tower-- has no religion in it at all. Occupying til Christ comes. -C

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