Monday, September 13, 2010

Godly imagination and visions versus...well other visualizations

So I was sitting around attempting to renew my mind and my idea of what my future and younger son's future would be like.

There is a kind of human-created image that one creates in order to believe a kind of controlled visualization. But last night, these mental images came to me -- unbidden as they say. From my spirit. Not somethng i had put in my own mind. Not anything I saw in a dream either. I caught these three separate scenes in my mind and spirit

The way I catch people's names sometimes although I don't know them or have never met them, just looking at the person and suddenly knowing their names. (So far, I haven't seen anyone's illness by the spirit, thank God. Don't know if I would be able to go in front of someone and say, "Uh, the Lord just showed me you have blank blank and I am supposed to pray for it because when you have a word of knowledge that's what you do.) But anyway, these images popped up in my spirit the way I heard and knew names in my spirit and the way i saw Jessica in the green dress. So I know it's from the holy spirit that planted it and not my own mind making them up. 

I saw husband and older son exiting our car. Luke from the driver's side and Gabe from the right passenger front
only they two were in the car and they were in a parking lot. Gabe slammed the door shut and as he left and he said to luke, "Come on Dad, hurry. The movie's starting."   Just like that.

Then I saw Gabe sitting in front of my computer doing somethbing and he turned and looked and smiled at me in passing then went back to work. 

Then i saw him standing by the phone talking to Logan.
They were all just scenes from normal life. . .and interestingly I didn't see the day or time he got healed. But all this shows that my spirit can now conceive of his healing. Because I can see these images which were basically... normal life after the event

Gabe was wearing a gray green t-shirt and being a regular kid going to a movie with his dad. And my heart leaped with joy because i realized it finally at last i had an image. My once pessimistic brain could actually see the substance of things hoped for. And funnily, all three images included us all. One image with Gabe and logan, one with him and me, and one with him and Luke.

It was through a veil as they say. Known in part, prophesied in part. But I knew I saw it in the spirit, almosting it. But it was clear and sure and i was so glad my mind had the image at last. Dear Lord, give us vision lest we perish.

Then a negative image immediately popped into my mind. "I imagined bumping into the pediatrician who had told us to give Gbe the mmr shot. I saw myself walking with Gabe towards her --and Gabe acting up and being weird-- and I saw this lady doc but said nothing but she would see clearly what she had done by forcing us to take the MMR (I'm glad anyway, I followed the Lord's leading and didn't give Logan the MMR shot) be guilty

Then I realized that vindication and anger and spite had built that image because I wanted the doctor to know she was wrong. But  that I couldn't have the satisfaction of the vindication image and the healing image both in my mind simultaneously, that it was a kind of double-mindedness and it was clearly shown to me that the one with the doctor was one i should not even cultivate. And it was so different from the ones that came from my spirit.

How great our God is!
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