Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here comes the Calvary -- Experts, and Deliverers -- Reality Show as Religion

Was watching Kitchen Nightmares again and was reminded once again about how we humans so desire and honor teachers and deliverers. Gordon Ramsey comes in and saves the day ...the family's livelihood and the family...and I actually get weepy. All they needed was a teacher and a savior. The same goes for a lot of other reality shows: Tabatha's Salon Makeover, for instance.

It also goes for other areas of life. When the computer crashes, when the boiler doesn't work, there is this joyous spark of life that bubbles forth when we the victim of the crash realizes that an expert has arrived. Of course, helping to edit someone's manuscript is often viewed with disdain because some writers think they're great and in no need of improvement, but for the most part, we humans rejoice when a Helper arrives. It's that profound knowledge that we need help and that there is someone to help us. The Calvary has arrived!

I did that in Wind Follower, showed a village where people were sick and diseased and awaited their only hope -- a possible savior and deliverer.  I get so gooey when I read that scene. Because it is essentially part of the human experience. Okay, someone who is healthy doesn't need a savior. Only those who are sick need a savior. And perhaps that is why such a weak Christianity is so often preached. Because we have doctors to deliver us. We aren't as poor in spirit as those who don't have money or doctors.

One of the phrases I love -- especially when it's not overused or used badly-- is the phrase: "Man of God." It fills me with joy and hope. Usually because the person who uses it really honors the Man of God as a possible deliverer. He will say something the sheep needs to hear and after hearing that the sheep will have a shepherd. He will do something that the poor sheep hadn't the power to do.

So, yes.... I like reality-show deliverers and reality-show judges. (I've already discussed the effect of expert-as-judge- on me in other blogs.) Reality-show deliverers and Reality-show judges hint at the REAL things: the real Judge, the real Deliverer. Even so, Jesus, Come. And help me to learn to deliver others as you delivered people when you were still on earth.

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