Friday, May 20, 2011

Endtimes: Passionate sincerity and a little vaccination against the real thing.

I find myself wondering if there were false prophets prophesying the end of the world in Noah's time as well. Let's face it. If there were, there'd be some people miscalculating the prophecy about Methusaleh ("After him it will come") and saying the end was near...and just messing up Noah's message of salvation. After all, the book of Hebrews told us Noah preached while building the ark. 

True, Christians seem to go on an end of the world kick in surges about every ten to twenty years. Although lately it's been the end of the world this and end of the world that. And honestly, the end will come. But when it comes to predicting it and making fools of ourselves! AAARGH!

Okay some of these folks are partying and giving away their money and quitting their jobs but quite a few are trying to get folks saved and are real evangelists types. They're going out in the byways and highways and trying to save folks before the end -- uh, this Saturday. Some of them are very weepy about it from what i could see in articles. They're putting up billboards, having websites, telling folks the gospel. They're doing what Noah and Lot did...but they're doing it at the wrong time...and in the case of Noah and Lot....well, Noah wasn't given the exact time but he was put in the ark to wait for 8 days. And Lot was told to merely leave town because something was coming. So the end of Noah's world depended on A) the Methusaleh prophecy, B) the work Noah had to do with building the ark, C) the the gathering-in-of the animals and D) the preaching to the world (probably much of this preaching had to do with Noah convincing his family to help him build the ark. As for Lot, the end of Sodom depended on Lot leaving but also on some timing known only to the angels. But these folks...well, they haven't been given any word from God or any angelic hints as far as I know. They're following Harold Camping's numbers. And although they are preaching the gospel, they are so hard-headed about this setting of the exact time of the day and the hour. There is much pride in it. 

Okay, so I don't believe that the world is ending tomorrow. And I've researched the reasons these folks think the end is coming tomorrow. And, well, I must say the reasons and numerical calculations are downright amusing and silly.  (Yep, they go back to the exact day, minute, hour that God created the world.) But I have to give them credit for their actions in trying to save folks...even if it is going to be very damaging to Christians in the long run.

The way I see it: our lives could end today or tomorrow. And there are folks now who are laughing at these predictors saying that the end is not tomorrow who probably will die tonight of murder or accident. Life is odd that way. Everyone in the world has a moment when the world ends for them. And just as no one knows the end of the world, no one knows the end of his own life. 

But, a question: when the day comes when we true believers know who the Antichrist is, will we go about telling these false prophets are doing? They have a certain bravery, I must say. 

In World war II, the Jehovah's witnesses were great preachers for Christ because they had prepared themselves for the end...much better than the mainstream christians. They were prepared for persecution by the antiChrist. They did well! So there is something to be said for the passionate sincerity of folks who are sincerely wrong. They're doing more to save folks than I am...yet...aaarh,. they are so embarrassing to the cause of Christ. And who knows how much this little vaccination against the real thing will affect people when true warnings are being told. 

These folks are fulfilling a prophecy Jesus told about false prophets. How can they not see that they are fulfilling such an obvious prophecy? Because they are deluded and deceived. (Again, perhaps by their need to escape persecution. Or perhaps because they like feeling that they are folks who know hidden secrets no one knows.)

But they are not wise. They aren't following the Word of God. They're following a man. 


There will come a day when we will be looked at as ridiculous for saying something the world considers silly, and something other christians think is silly. So I can't entirely judge them.

True, I already say things that the world considers silly. I believe in hell, demons, etc. I say it on facebook. I say it everywhere. And these people are trying to get non-saved people saved. And whatever the reason the gospel is being preached...from stupidity or out of a desperation to save folks or out of arrogant pride in their occult and secret knowledge...Christ is being preached...we hope

Now, question. If i knew someone was going to die and go to hell tomorrow, if someone was on her deathbed, would I have the bravery to try to save them by saying something silly? Heck, the prophet Elijah warned folks then fled, poor guy because someone was out to kill him. I think the problem with these folks is they fear death and persecution. I suspect i might be brave one day if someone i knew, like my friend Rain was dying. But I don't know if I would be so brave. And if I fear being seen as insensitive, or ridiculous, how will i handle persecution? We shall see.

The sings of the times are here. (And one day the end-sayers will be right about some guy being the antichrist, about not taking the mark of the beast or whatever.) Who knows? One day we shall see how brave we are in the face of mockery?
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