Wednesday, May 18, 2011

guidance and disobedience

Luke and I realized how much God was guiding us, but we also realized how utter disobedience. We determined that from now on if a guidance dream comes, then we will obey it because we ask god for guidance. and we get dreams of what food to eat, what is going on , how to clean the house and we don't do it. So we finally said, "Know what? if we ask God for help and he gives us an answer...and we aren't obedient in small things...what is the use?"

I mean if we whine about Gabe's tummy ache then we have a dream in which someone is asking us, "Where are Gabe's greens?" and we don't obey...what are we doing? Why should God tell us anything else?:

Same thing with the dream I had where the angel pushed the corn, pork, cold cuts, and wheat from my plate.

Why ask for guidance then ignore it? Even if the guidance seems small, do it. 
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