Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Words are just that....really?

 Sometimes I listen to someone and a part of me says, "she isn't saying this with her words, but this is what my spirit hears her saying. So I'll answer her words with what my spirit has heard...even though she hasn't said it." And that can be good if a person doesn't have the skill or bravery to be clear with what they're saying. Or it can be bad...if your insight into what the person is saying challenges them. Also there's something else. English is a language of tone as well as words. One can say a lot of cruel things to people and get away with it by saying, "Oh, but you misunderstood me! Don't 'take it' that way." So if someone misunderstands our words we have to be careful that we really were clear. I also think that writers have to be careful and not pick on the very tools they use. Vagueness only causes more vagueness when we use words, but we should try to listen with the heart....and speak with a kind heart as well. 
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