Sunday, February 18, 2007

But do we really want it?

I'm getting so upset about all this Anna Nicole thing. It's tough seeing someone going self-destructive in the public realm. But we often see this, don't we? Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole, others. We wonder about them.

Right now, though, I just keep getting annoyed at the way judgmental Christians are weighing Anna's worth as a celebrity. Christians, people, are not supposed to be judgemental!!!! None of us are good or perfect.

The thing that has been running through my head, though, is the cruelty of litigation. Folks, if you're in a lawsuit, get out! If you are tempted to be in a lawsuit, think twice! Litigation takes you from your path! It is a demonic distraction. And the human body is not made to be stressed day-in day-out year-in year-out by this kind of thing. I take Anna as an example of what celebrity does. I take her as an example of what fame does to people. I take her as an example of what long-standing mean-spirited litigation does to a human soul.

Lots of sad lessons learned here.

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