Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Abandonment Part I

Okay, I have got to get my reviewing act together.

I am trying my best to pick up several books I've abandoned. Some I abandoned because they were just too Euro-centric high fantasy and I just was not in the mood. Others I abandoned because I got myself into this fix because the fibro attacked and I couldn't think -- except for the novel. Yep, I couldn't even think to review music. Pitiful. But I am determined to finish these books. Before the end of the year.

The books include The Hidden Stars by Madeline Howard, Wysard by Carolyn Kephart, the Assassins of Tamurin

I have a couple mysteries:Such a killing Crime by Robert Lopresti, and a mystery-romance by Genie Davis called Five O'Clock Shadow. (I like her stuff a lot.)

Some Christian novels: A conspiratorial suspenser called Ninety Days and its sequel Air Rage -- by Sam Yarney, A spec fic story called Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges, and Time Masters by Geralynn Beauchamp.

I also have a few kid YA books:

the Dreamer by Matthew G McMillan (about a fantasy dreamworld), Secret of the Dance (by Susan Eileen Walker)

Not to mention about 30 CD's and an audio book by Walter Moseley called Cinnamon Kiss.

I also have to get up-to-date with movies. Lately, I actually have been unable to sit through movies I consider terribly bad. This isn't to say they are normal B movies. I can sit through a b movie no matter how bad. I DO have a sense of fun, thank you. But if a movie has pretensions...well, I just can't deal. Maybe I'm getting old and impatient. Maybe I just know what I don't like.

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