Saturday, January 04, 2014

Shared Dreaming, the New Year, peace and a promise of guidance

Shared Dreaming is what occurs in families or between friends or sometimes between strangers.
For instance, twice my friend Jessica and my friend Stephen have dreamed the same dreams about me within the same week.Although they don't know each other and they don't know the other had had a dream about me. Once, they both saw me in African dress. And recently, the both saw me in an exotic house.

Shared Dreamings are like parallel dreams. They doubly affirm and bring confirmation that God is speaking. Sometimes it's the same dream twice to one person or the same or similar dream to two different people. As Joseph told Pharoah,"because the dream happened twice, it is from God."

So I got up this morning and told hubby my dream:

I dreamed my husband and I hated our house and were thinking of secretly committing arson in order to rid ourselves of it. But then I started rethinking this plan. I kept feeling a foreboding in my heart that maybe we shouldn't do it. What if I got caught? Just that feeling inside warning you to rethink some well-laid plan. I saw flowers growing in my little garden and thought: "Those will burn." As I looked on the hose and gasoline and water set-up which was to start the fire, I thought about tossing the plan, a little kid came through my door.He was small, black, maybe 5 or 6. He said, "The Lord told me to tell you: Don't burn down this house.What about your sickly neighbor? Won't the fire hurt her lungs?Will she be able to get out of her house in time?" Then a neighbor dropped by to show me the clothing she had made. It was made of different patches  and the outfit was definitely weird but I liked her creativity and praised it. There was also a little inset in the dream: Elizabeth Taylor in a wedding dress visited her friend Diana Ross...and her friend said, "You always wear your wedding dress even on normal days."  I wondered about a woman who makes patchwork but beautiful clothes for herself and if that was a depiction of those who create their own syncretist religion..beautiful but not a wedding dress at all. I'd just finished a review by a so-called Christian writer who had a very Buddhist/Hindu/etc tinged Christianity . 

So I said to hubby: What did you dream?

Then he said:
I dreamed we were in front of a beautiful Lake House in a forest and I was considering buying it when the thought occurred to me: "I wonder if the lake floods the house?" At that moment, as if in answer, the lake came up to the front of the house and hubby thought, "Okay, I won't buy this house, then."

We realized then that we had another night of dream-sharing. I had dreamed of fire, and he had dreamed of water. But the dreams had given us advice about moving. We figured the dreams were saying that we certainly should not move to California...and we should not move too far from our present town. Our life affects other people as well...and why move away from people who have grown to love you? In addition, we were shown that God will guide us through feelings in the heart, through a direct word from a child of God, and through events/coincidence. In addition, all Christians walk around with their wedding dress on.

Now this is so interesting. This is the second time since the new year began where we both dreamed different sides of an issue that God decided we would dream about. It's not as if we agreed to dream of a specific issue, after all as a married couple we talk about a lot of things during the day.

Incidentally, the other shared dreams were these:

My husband dreamed he was in a school room. Everyone had regular desks but he had a weird cardboard contraption. Someone came and took the cardboard out into the hallway for recycling/trash. My husband went and picked it up again because some of his artwork was in it also because it was his desk.

I was explaining to an old man about a guessing game in which art pictures were shown. He thought it was too modern and complicated. A pic came up of someone in a bathtub and suddenly it was as if the old man and I were in a bathtub as well. It was a movie still from the godfather. It made the old man happy to realize he could play the game because he had seen the godfather. I was happy too because I thought the game was only going to be arty museum pics.

I think those dreams were about my husband's assessment of his career or maybe a sense that he has gotten old and should challenge himself to newness and laying aside the old. My dream was about encouraging him. He no longer does comic books for the most part. True, he created the Obadiah Stane character in Iron Man and we got blessed financially when that film was made but hubby's comic book days with DC and Marvel are done. Men feel old when there is a career change and it was so sweet of God to challenge both of us in this situation.

This all makes me feel and know that God is with us. I wonder if God is letting our children dream the same thing as us as well. Family shared dreaming also occurs sometimes. Will see. But feeling so happy about God's nearness. As the book of Job says, God directs us in dreams. He hears our conversations, sees our worries, and speaks to us in the night. 

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