Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Cast for The Constant Tower

Nahas, King of all the Wheel Clans: Julian Sands or Jason Statham. Julian is not hot currently but he is most like what I picture Nahas. Nahas is a king with a good ability to bully his disabled deformed son, but he is a noble warrior as well. His problem is just that he simply don't know what to do with this weak petulant creature he has spawned.

Prince Psal, First Born son of King Nahas, Peace child with the Macaw Clan, and Chief Studier of Worlds for the Wheel Clan  I CANNOT think of  any actor who would be the perfect Prince Psal. The actor has to be able to seem needy, petulant, angry, and princely at the same time. It has to be a black kid actor, preferably biracial.

Ephan, Second Son of King Nahas and the Voca Queen, Peace Child with the Voca Clan, Studier of Worlds for the Wheel Clan: A blond Hiruma Miura, maybe. Or, if there is some albino very androgynous actor out there. The actor has to have the ability to carry off a sense of melancholy and nobility....with an indifference that doesn't turn people off because they see the kindness under his exterior. He also has to be able to show physical woundedness without seeming weak.

Netophah, Third Son of King Nahas. Peace Child with the Waymaker Clan, the heir of the kingdom of all the Wheel Clans: A red-haired Ryosuke Miura, I think. Ryosuke has a fun joyous quality which Netophah has.

Ktwala, Chief's daughter of the Iden clan. Alfre Woodard, maybe. But someone a little plumper and a little darker. Earthy, kind, direct.

Maharai, daughter of Ktwala, betrothed to the prince of the Wheel Clan: A dark-skinned little African-American or African actress. This actress has to show innocence at first and then we have to watch her grow into a shrewd powerful girl.

Cyrt, near kinsman to King Nahas: Paul Bettany, I think. Paul has the ability to look both gorgeous and cruel..

Gaal, Chief Steward of the Wheel Clan and the King's Best Friend: Jason Statham or Julian Sands. Yeah, i know...interchangeable. As Gaal, Statham and Sands could portray a kind of outsider wariness, a silence when bad stuff are going down that makes you think they know what's going on but they just aren't going to get themselves involved in a vicious family battle.

Ezbel, the Voca Queen: Cate Blanchett. Of course, Cate Blanchett! Who else? The paleness, the sweetness, yet the cold cruelty all at once.

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