Monday, September 17, 2007

Blessings Blog Tour: Stephen Todd Jones

First a note to Stephen:

Hi Stephen: The Bible tells us that the traditions of men have made the word of God to no effect. Loose translation: much of the stuff we believe about certain bad things that happen to us being God's will was created by human tradition.

Aiming for a miracle is a big challenge. But I'm also aiming for a miracle so you have someone else on your journey.

The thing we have to do right now is to tear down the strongholds of doubt and unbelief that the world, the flesh, and the devil have put into our minds. We have to cast down every imagination that raises itself against the power of God. We have to be transformed by the Word of God and let the Word of God renew our minds and we must not be conformed to the way the world thinks.

I would suggest going to Andrew Wommack's website and downloading his teachings called

How to Get a miracle
A sure foundation
Hardness of Heart
Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body
You've already Got it.

I also suggest going to Emily Dotson's site. She was paralyzed once and she waged the fight of faith and got out of it.

You might also go to and look around for tapes on healing.

In the meantime, remember that Communion is a healing service. It is true bread and true drink. It heals the spirit soul mind and body and feeds us in ways we can hardly understand or know. Take communion every night with your family or at least at church every sunday. And trust that the blood and body and word of God is working within you. The blade, then the plant, then the full flower.


Please keep Stephen in your prayers.

Stephen Todd Jones is a writer and poet from Virginia Beach, Virginia.
While a sophomore at Liberty University, he sustained injuries in a car crash that left him in a wheelchair, and this perspective forms the basis for much of his writing. Through his poetry, he gives us a window into his world and his faith.

Here are some of his poems.

If Seen As God Sees

If I were transparent,
What would people see
Of which God is aware
Deep inside of me?

What blemish would
Appear-- before unseen--
If others saw, as God,
a panoramic scene?

Would some loving here
Draw back in disgust
If they knew, as God does,
Every deed and lust?

I am glad He is patient,
Loving and forgiving
When I come unto Him;
Sin is part of living,

I see the wickedness when
I honestly do inspection
To see what should not be
So on an introspection.

Who I Am Before

I must know who I
Am before
I can hope to be known
By one for---

If I am not aware
How can I
Expect others to distinguish
This guy?
I can not realistically
Hope for such
If I fail to really know,
Being out of touch

With reality. Reality, some say,
Is overrated here,
But we all need to dwell in
An actual sphere.

Why Sorrow Over

Why sorrow over
That had not
For the same is a
Heavy thought?

Why not enumerate
All here had
Rather than accounting
For those bad?

In content, do you
Not strive to
Obtain that reserved,
It seems, for few?

Or is content a state
Where you are
Never seeking that
From way afar?

Is dreaming wrong to
Do here when
You are dissatisfied in the
State you are in?

Are we not to seek to
Improve our lot,
Or as the fatalist here,
Are we not?

God, reveal to me the
Answer to those,
Or is there a definite
As I here suppose?
We Dream Still

Only some dreams
Are God's will
For us to obtain here;
We dream still.

Some are contrary to
His loving fill
Of events for our life.
We dream still.

Some are meant to be
Ours though until
Comes the proper moment,
We dream still.

Some of our dreams
God will not fulfill
For He knows better than we;
We dream still.

We think we know better
From our clouded sill,
Facing what we see dimly;
We dream still.

Through a glass darkly,
We see and we will
What may be impossible;
We dream still.

God, may dreams sifted
Be like wheat until
Chaff is winnowed out;
We dream still.

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