Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My committment to avoiding racist, sexist, and violent hip-hop

Well, this is gonna be hard...cause i really do like rap. And rock and roll. But I'm not liking what it's doing to black youth. So here goes:

I hereby solemnly declare that I will no longer watch or llisten to musicians, videos, movies, or comedians who use the word

"hoe", s***, w**** when discussint women.

I also solemnly declare that I will no longer listen or watch any performer who uses the N-word or who does rap songs encouraging shallow mercenary values and Black-on-Black violence.

I believe that artists and performers are free to speak their own minds. I'm not against free speech. But honestly, I wish there are folks who were a bit more responsible in their speech to kids because most kids are pretty undiscerning.

I am tired of seeing kids kill each other over sneakers, bling, etc.

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