Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coconut Oil Giveaway

So, seeing I have this over-the-top Jamaican worship of coconut oil, when I saw that Tropical Traditions was sending out samples of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil for review ...well, seeing I am a writer....well, yeah, I jumped for it. I didn't have to review it, mind you...but hey, why receive something for free and not review it? Besides, I want all the world to know the greatness of coconut oil, whatever company one buys it from. sample arrived soon after I signed up. I actually squealed. It was like getting a prize. I love free stuff coming in the mail.

First impressions: Wow, this is one classy looking bottle. Second impression: They sent me two pint jars instead of one large quart jar. Good idea. I can use one as the ointment I can dip into and the other I can keep cleaner and use for spooning. Third impression: These bottles have large openings. Unlike those bottles that have narrow openings. Honestly, who would put coconut oil in bottles with narrow openings? It's a major chore to get it out of narrow bottles...and one certainly can't smooth it out. Not naming any names but a certain company should remember that some of its customers live in cooler climates where coconut oil becomes hard as a rock. That's why when I have to get coconut oil I get the Goya brand because it comes in a wide jar. Impressions on opening it: oh my goshhhhhh... I love that smell. It smelled so fresh compared to the Goya. Impressions on touching it: felt totally ..trying to think of a word here. It felt less industrialized. It felt fresh and real. Then finally taste: OOh, it melts in the mouth. 

So then here is the video

Now, they have a giveaway for this oil. I'm generally lazy about the whole giveaway thing but hey, they'll do all the work. They'll provide a free quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil as the winner’s prize for this giveaway and they will ship the oil directly to the winner I choose. 

So, if you want the giveaway, 

2) Post on your blog about how you Use Coconut Oil or link to their how-to-use-coconut-oil page:

3) Simply email me at SCIFIWRITIR (AT) GMAIL.COM with your name, telephone number, email address, and shipping address. I'll pick the winner and send them the info. They don't share this information with anyone! Open to U.S. & Canada. I'll pick the winner a week from now. How's that?

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